Dwarf Fruit Trees For Small Gardens

You should be looking for the best tree surgeons Putney has to offer if you need to clear your garden.

Then you need to think about what you want to do with your garden to make the best use of it. If you want flowers, then fine, but if you want a slightly more productive garden then consider a dwarf fruit tree.

Many have been bitten by the grow-your-own bug, but small fruit trees are perfect for you if you have limited time to garden, but still want to quite literally eat the fruits of your own labour.

A tree that is well planted may take a couple of years to bear fruit, but will last for decades to come. It may even be a selling point if you ever decide to leave your home-grown Eden.

There are some particular challenges to growing fruit trees in London, and you should always take care to make sure you plant a tree that is suited to your soil type and climate.

London has a warm damp climate and heavy clay soil that can be a particular challenge of many plants, so check out these varieties to get the most out of your garden.


You want to look for plants on a pixy rootstock for a dwarf tree. This will stop the tree growing higher than about two metres, and is perfect for the warmish conditions that London has to offer.

You will probably have already heard of a Victoria plum, and for good reason. They are hardy and resilient and particularly successful in London.

If you have a north facing garden you may want something a little more frost resistant so consider Czar.

When planting plums consider if there is another plum tree growing nearby? Is it in the same fertilisation period (flowers at the same time) as your variety and can you ask the owner if you can put a bit of the soil from around the base of the tree at the bottom of your planting hold, to ensure you have the correct rhizomes?


Apples and pears grow well on London clay so give these some serious consideration for your garden. They may take up to seven years to fruit, but plant now to reap the benefits later.

For an excellent display of the many different varieties that can be grown in London head to Fulham Palace Gardens to see their collection, housed perfectly in a walled Tudor garden.

For now try out Cox’s Orange Pippen, which was raised near Slough, making it perfect for gardeners in south-west London. More adventurous eaters may want to try out an Egremont Russet or a Red Pippen, originally raised in Kent.


These arguably grow even better on clay than apples, and if you have very wet soil may be your best bet. Concorde is without doubt one of the best pears for Londoners as it thrives on clay and is a particularly tasty variety, including conference pear among its parents.

Make sure you get these from a reputable nursery, and consult us for help with ongoing maintenance.