Not Enough Trees Being Planted

Those getting the best tree surgery London has to offer will know how special trees are, but a recent report shows that there aren’t enough trees being planted in the UK.

Trees are not only important for our environment due to the fact that they absorb carbon dioxide form out atmosphere, but also because they can negate flooding risk. In fact an increase of just 10 per cent in the rate of tree planting in urban areas could minimise the impact flash flooding could have on these areas in the future.

In fact it is due to this that the Welsh Government committed to planting 2,000 hectares of woodland in 2010, an ambition that has not yet been realised The Woodland Trust has revealed.

“Tree planting in Wales has fallen off a cliff,” a spokesman told the BBC.

“We are seeing the lowest tree planting levels in a generation, only 100 hectares in two of the last three years, showing the failures of Welsh Government to meet the already weakened aspiration of 2,000 hectares of new woodland per year until 2020.”

The national manager for Wales has blamed a lack of public support and problems with planning permission. Both of these have got in the way of securing funding and opportunities to increase tree planting in Wales.

One of the reasons the Welsh Government committed to such an optimistic target was in order to boost wood production, as we import 60 per cent of our wood in the UK.