Our Pick Of The Best Trees For Small Gardens

Not everyone is able to have a huge garden and any kind of tree they like. When considering buying and planting trees, you do need to take into account the space that you have as – you’re sure to already know – trees are likely to grow and what you don’t want is for them to spread too much or grow too high for the space.

When choosing trees, think about height and spread. Even ornamental trees can climb to over 6m high, so bear this in mind and do your research before buying. You’ll also want to think about when you want your trees to look their best, so consider foliage, bark, fruit and flowering time. Also look into the risks of planting trees close to buildings – in the majority of cases, trees growing near property won’t matter but sometimes tree roots can cause structural damage and subsidence.

If you’ve only got space for a single tree in your garden, why don’t you think about something like a crab apple tree? This is a really hard-working tree and looks great all year round, although if you have little children stop them from trying to eat the fruit as the apples are inedible. That said, however, they will encourage local birdlife so your garden will soon be a beautiful and tranquil space at home.

Those of you looking for an edible apple tree, meanwhile, might find that the Spartan eating apple tree is better suited to them. The fruit is simply stunning once it’s flowered and the apples themselves are incredibly sweet. Make sure the apples are eaten straight from the tree if you want to enjoy them at their best.

If you’re not bothered about having edible fruit trees but still want something stunning in your small garden, then what about the Snow Queen Himalayan birch? The trunk and branches of this particular tree are bright white, so perfect for a winter garden, and it works well in the majority of soils and flourishes in sun or shade. You won’t see instant results though since it takes a few years for the tree to reach its full potential.

For something incredibly beautiful, however, the Japanese maple tree is a must. It works well in all gardens, irrespective of size, but would really bring a smaller outdoor space together perfectly. The leaves are stunning and the colours have to be seen to be believed. Look out for the acer palmatum varieties as these work best in small gardens, with many species able to tolerate shade well.

Another beautiful tree that works well in smaller spaces is hawthorn, a native British tree that blooms with amazing white flowers come spring. Opt for the Crataegus persimilis Prunifolia to really bring your smaller garden to life. In the autumn, the white flowers turn a beautiful orange and red – hawthorn really is one of our top picks here at Arbormedics!

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How To Care For Trees In Winter

If you have a garden with lots of lovely trees, you need to know how best to care for them during the winter months as temperature fluctuations can really take their toll. We had a very mild December followed by a much colder start to the new year, so here are some tips to help you look after your foliage this 2017.

If you have young trees or tropical ones and you’re worried about frost cracking, you could consider wrapping the bark up to help them weather colder temperatures. You can buy tree blankets to help with this.

Another issue you may come across is early frosts, which can have an impact on late growth. Ice can damage the tips of new branches, which could then die off later on in the year. To avoid this, don’t prune your tree until it’s gone into dormancy during the autumn. If you prune too soon, you might encourage new growth of the tree and frost damage could become a problem. Also avoid using a fertiliser that has lots of quick-release nitrogen in it as this can also cause issues.

You can also help to prevent drying out during the winter (when a tree loses more water than it can take in from frozen ground) by laying down organic mulch around your tree base before winter really takes hold.

Another problem at this time of year can be rodents, which look to trees as a source of food when it’s scarce elsewhere. Check your trees regularly and leave a gap between your mulch and the tree trunk. Wire mesh can also help to protect your trees.

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