6 Bournemouth Trees Damaged In Vandal Attack

West Cliff Green seaside resort in Bournemouth has been the target of another vandalism attack, with six trees that were planted to replace others previously damaged now having been hurt as well.

According to the BBC, the six pine trees were planted and fenced off by Bournemouth Borough Council around three months ago, but now sections of bark have been carved out of their trunks. It’s thought that the motive behind the attack is to ensure an unimpeded view of the sea – and Dorset Police are now investigating the incident.

The first attack took place last June, where three pines on the top of the cliff were drilled and had poison poured into them, killing two out of the three. Tests carried out on the third surviving tree revealed that a crystal-like substance found on its bark was herbicide glyphosate.

Chris Colledge of the West Cliff Green Residents’ Association commented on the new incident, saying: “Words are insufficient to express the absolute outrage and disappointment.”

You need to take care with your own trees when using herbicides and weedkillers such as glyphosate. Damage can occur if the wrong type is used or if it’s misapplied. Glyphosate damage will show up as leaf browning and yellowing or shoots collapsing on soft-stemmed plants. Take care when using weedkiller – and always check that your watering can isn’t contaminated or that residual weedkillers don’t leach into beds lying next to each other.

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