Two 70ft Trees Collapse In Domestic Garden

If you suspect that some of the trees in your garden at home are rotten and pose a health risk, you absolutely must seek expert advice from tree surgeons in Harrow or your local area, or you could find a serious accident happens.

A family in Burnley in Lancashire has had a lucky escape after two 70ft high beech trees crashed down in their garden and across a public footpath, crushing a swing set on his premises, the Daily Telegraph reports.

IT contractor Kamran Chaudhary had been in touch with Burnley Council about the trees but was informed that they were in fact protected. He claims that his request to fell the trees was refused because local planners believed that they complemented the area.

“They could have killed someone. I think [the council] has gambled with my family’s life as well as the lives of the people who use the footpath,” Mr Chaudhary told the news source.

It’s certainly not worth the risk if you do think trees in your garden or nearby pose a significant health risk. Even if you’re wrong, it makes sense to have them checked out, for your own peace of mind if nothing else.

Here at Arbormedics, we offer free site surveying and can also obtain planning permission from your council on your behalf for trees with preservation orders, such as the beech trees in this particular case. There is no additional charge for this, so please do get in touch if you think you’re in a similar situation to Mr Chaudhary.