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Don’t Neglect Your Tree Maintenance

Trees are beautiful. They add a lot to a garden and we know they’re good for our health too. But you need to look after your trees, because if they’re not properly maintained they can cause problems.

One of the biggest potential issues for homeowners is a tree that’s diseased or dying. These trees can pose a serious safety risk not only to you and your neighbours but also to your property.

A fully-grown oak, for instance, can cause a lot of damage if it falls down unexpectedly. There’s a risk of serious injury, not to mention the potential damage to houses, cars and fences.

Earlier in March Transport for London (TfL) was found to be negligent following an incident in 2012 where a London plane tree fell on a taxi, seriously injuring the driver and two passengers.

Horticulture Week reported that the TfL was deemed to be responsible for the accident because it hadn’t properly inspected the tree, which was diseased and should have been removed months before it actually fell down.

If a tree is on your land then it’s your responsibility to maintain it properly. There are some tell-tale signs that your tree might be diseased or dying. The first is bare branches – in winter this can obviously be hard to spot, but as we move into spring it should be clear if your tree isn’t coming into leaf properly.

Large cracks running up the tree trunk can indicate that the tree isn’t healthy, as can large bracket fungus growing on the tree trunk. This can be a sign that the inside of the tree is rotting.

If you’re concerned about a tree at your home, contact us to have the tree inspected. We provide tree felling in south west London and can remove any potentially dangerous trees for you safely.